The Cloudvisory Team

About Us

Cloudvisory was founded in 2014 by industry veterans from HP, Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, AWS, Voltage Security, TruLogica, CA, and Accenture with deep expertise in enterprise security, cloud infrastructure, and virtualized environments. As the rapid adoption of cloud continues by companies seeking to realize its full potential, we recognized that visibility, security, policy management, and compliance remain challenges. The Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP) uniquely addresses those challenges.

The Challenge

Visibility, Security, Policy Management and Compliance in the Cloud

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures are being deployed to support businesses in every vertical market, of every size, and every scale. However, lack of visibility into cloud infrastructures, complexity of native security controls, need for policy management, automation, and security compliance capabilities, leave many companies at risk. Toss in the added pressure for security operations teams as they battle to maintain consistent security and regulatory compliance, while development teams are being pushed to deliver innovation faster than ever before, and you have Security teams struggling to keep up with business agility.

The Solution

Cloudvisory Security Platform

The Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP), is the only complete Cloud Security Governance Platform. CSP is developed for cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments. CSP delivers centralized security management and is a complete platform for Audit, Compliance, microsegmentation and Enforcement, allowing for a phased implementation approach. Couple this with powerful multi-tenant, self-service capabilities and CSP is built to support business agility and fight today’s most dangerous hackers. Used by Security, Dev/Ops and Business, leveraging cloud-native controls of the various providers, works across AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenStack and even traditional virtualized and bare metal environments. Our CSP Platform is enterprise-class, highly scalable, and trusted by F500 customers.

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