Cloudvisory Security Platform

The Cloudvisory Security Platform is the only complete Cloud Security Platform for AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenStack & even traditional virtualized and baremetal environments.

CSP desktop screen

A Complete Cloud Security Platform

The Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP) is enterprise-class, highly scalable, and trusted by Fortune 500 customers for centralized security management across cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-cloud environments. CSP delivers a complete cloud security platform through cloud-native integrations and controls for continuous Visibility, Compliance & Governance – with a full suite of tools that enable any organization to quickly mature their cloud security posture through a phased implementation approach.

Don't Stop at Compliance

Gain deep Visibility into the security controls and security events for all your cloud environments. Build on Visibility and achieve Compliance Assurance by implementing sensible Compliance Guardrails, where CSP lets you choose your response (manual or automated alerts and/or remediations) to dynamically discovered Risks. Go beyond Compliance by enforcing strong Governance through least-privilege security controls, where CSP makes microsegmentation easy through Machine Learning (AI) recommendations that convert observed network behavior into scalable, actionable security intelligence.

Simplify Without Sacrificing

Couple this with powerful multi-tenant, self-service capabilities and CSP is built to support business agility and fight today’s most dangerous hackers. Used by Security, DevSecOps and Business teams – the Cloudvisory Security Platform brings automation, simplicity & unity to security practices throughout your enterprise, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Cloudvisory Security Platform Secures:

Cloud VMs

The Cloudvisory Security
Platform Difference


A complete set of (artificially) intelligent tools that work together to empower cloud security posture improvement


Cloud-native enforcement of microsegmentation policies via cloud-native firewalls and security controls


Orchestrated remediation of Compliance failures & enforcement of desired-state security policies

Native Support

In addition to public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, Cloudvisory supports cloud-native visibility, compliance & governance for OpenStack and Kubernetes

Cloud-native security controls are used for protection

Agentless Monitoring
& Execution

Agentless monitoring of all network flows across multiple cloud providers and accounts

Agentless execution of Compliance Checks within Operating Systems

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