Visibility Solution

Discover a detailed mapping of the all accounts, regions, network security groups, infrastructure and related flows. Detect threats and misconfigurations.


Visibility builds upon automatic discovery of all cloud assets, security controls & security events. For the next level of cloud security maturity.

The Cloudvisory Security Platform (CSP) empowers users to audit security controls and visualize security events for all cloud assets within scope for their organization and/or business unit(s). Mature multi-tenancy controls limit the scope for a given user/role to specific Business Unit(s) and/or Organization configured within Cloud Security Posture Management.
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Ad-hoc Cloud Security Audits
Drill-down on Risk Analysis and Multi-cloud Inventory; Pivot to actions that improve your security posture

Continuous Cloud Security Analytics
Customizable, historical data analytics built on a foundation of automatic asset discovery & configured Compliance checks

CSP Pane
Single-pane-of-glass Cloud Security
One user-interface unifies security activities across cloud providers, accounts, regions & deployments

Network flow
Network Flow Visualization
Leverage deep visibility into the actual network behavior of all cloud workloads (without agents) to inform Compliance and Governance activities

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