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Past Webinars

Agility, Security and Compliance in the Cloud
Featuring: Jason Rouault, Sr Director Cloud Services, Cable & Media Co.
April 27, 2017  |  Jason Rouault
About this Webinar:
Jason Rouault, previously Director at HP Public Cloud, most recently Sr. Director at Time Warner Cable, will share how current limitations in OpenStack and Neutron were inhibiting business agility and compliance at Time Warner.

Changing the DevSecOps Game: Multi-Tenant, Self Service Security and Compliance for Your Cloud!
March 30, 2017  |  Richard Eisenberg

Enterprises are quickly moving to a cloud‑first computing model to improve business agility. Unlocking the gamut of benefits the cloud can provide requires new security solutions and practices. Existing security processes and legacy controls no longer meet the speed offered by cloud infrastructures.

About this Webinar:
See how IT Security and Cloud Operation teams can maintain control of Cloud Security and Compliance, while allowing line of business teams to manage their own Cloud Security Controls.

Automating Audit & Compliance of Cloud-Native Security Controls
February 23, 2017  |  Richard Eisenberg

"Workloads that exploit public cloud capabilities to improve security protection will suffer 60% fewer security incidents!" Source: Gartner

If You’re Not Using Cloud‑Native Controls, You Are at Risk!

About this Webinar:
This webinar outlines the critical importance of: